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Eric of Clann tSuibhne

Dictate my level of justified violence

Earlier this evening, Cayce & I were out on the front terrace (the grassy strip between the sidewalk and the street) of my house, very clearly enjoying a nice dinner together. Table full of food & sangria in the shade on a hot summer day.

Some dude that's going door to door with some sort of energy efficiency company comes by. Asks if we're the home owners, and proceeds to spiel at us. I'm polite enough to let him interrupt our dinner with the base spiel (after all, Cayce & I were dining in some sort of quasi-public space), but then he asked if he could schedule some time for one of his people to do their thing. I politely declined, but took his literature and said if I was interested, I'd give a call. More minor spieling ensues, with another attempt to get me to schedule some time, right then and there, to have some people come wander through my house. I politely decline, again... He attempts a third time to get me to drop everything while I'm enjoying a fine dinner with my lover so I can figure out some time to have this assessment done. The third time, he finally got it that I was not going to schedule some time, and went along his merry way.

So, AMA, if he'd have not gotten the clue and made a fourth attempt, I think I would have been justified in dropping all pretenses of civility. Just how much incivility would you have let me get away with?
Tags: advertising & marketing, an exercise in tact and diplomacy, first world problems
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