mizbhaven13 (mizbhaven13) wrote in ask_me_anything,

Today is your birthday....

My older sister is turning 50 this year. Our mother passed away last year and my sister had been a very big source of support to me since then (I am disabled, can’t drive, and am also a single parent), helping me out with bills, transportation, etc. I want to do something special for her birthday but not really sure what to do.

I have a very limited income so I can’t really go all out like I would want to but I do want to let her know that I recognize what a big deal this birthday is.

I was thinking of buying a few books that were published the year she was born and trying to download the most popular songs of that year (1962) and making her a CD. Does that sound like a dumb idea or something that you would like to get on such a special occasion?

She’s an avid reader; as a matter of fact, my sister is the one that taught me to read after she started school, and she really loves music.

Thoughts on my idea or any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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