Ashley (starrynights86) wrote in ask_me_anything,

Dog bit a kid...

On Sunday my dog got out. I was unloading the groceries into the house, and I thought my mom was right behind me so I left the door open. She wasn't, and my dog Titan bolted out the door. There was a kid riding his bike and my dog bit him right above the butt. It wasn't malicious or anything, he's just a puppy (not even a year old beagle/shepherd mix) and he had been couped up in the house for a couple days, since we were all working/gone, and he just gets really excited around kids. The kid that got bit is fine, just a little freaked out.

Anyway, the parents of the kid called the cops, and now our dog is labeled as a "potentially dangerous" dog, and we have to comply with all of these rules. We have to fence up our backyard or purchase a large enclosure, get pet insurance which is expensive, especially considering our dog now has a record, pay a $250 fine, and basically have to worry all the time that he will get out. Or get him euthanized, or move him outside city limits. If he gets out again and chases someone and they call the cops, or bites another person, my mom will face felony charges and he will be euthanized.

My mom has no idea what to do. I suggested putting up a fence, since we know a lot of people that would be able to do it at a low cost, training him, and make sure we're walking him a lot more, but I think we would always be worried that he would get out. He ended up getting out the other day, and nothing happened, but he just bolted out the front door so fast no one could stop him.

I love him to death and have been near tears since animal control came. I almost completely lost it while working the other day, and my entire family has been on edge. We have a month to decide what we're gonna do.

What would you do? Would you comply with the rules? Move him? Any other advice for us at all?
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