Frankly Flâneur (nanini) wrote in ask_me_anything,
Frankly Flâneur

Guys I'm going nuts here. I've made a similar post about this a while ago but nothing seemed to work back then, so I hope I'm luckier or a least understand what's happening. It's about internet and web streaming.

I watch a lot of those links. Not being in the US it's the only way to access most of the shows there. However, they're really really slow to load, stopping every couple of minutes to buffer and taking hours to play a one hour show. It happens with most videos I try but I've seen other people having no problem with them.
FYI, this is the link I'm currently having trouble with (does it load fast in your computer?):

I use a Macbook Pro with Firefox (the same happens with Chrome so shut up Aaron). Youtube works well and it's quick.

Do you or anyone you know have the same problem? Any ideas? I kind of hae the feelingit's not just about their servers, but something to do with how my computer deals with the info it's getting.

Thank you.
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