Dani (kayla_la) wrote in ask_me_anything,

So let's say those wily scientists have figured out how to change people's personalities.

You could have them strap you down, tell them 'I don't want being jealous to be part of my personality anymore' and come out of it an hour later with that trait removed. Or you could go more extreme and tell them you want to go from your current WHOLE personality to something entirely different. It's safe, there's no risk of anything going wrong or you dying.

But citizen use isn't what this question is about.

So let's say a politician puts up the idea that we take our worst offenders in the criminal system and instead of putting them away for life, or putting them on death row, we merely change their personalities. Violent serial killers, brutal rapists, that guy that talks on his phone in the movie theatre can now have their personalities reset to something more socially acceptable and be given new lives. That guy that killed 3 women can be changed from being violent and short-tempered to being calm, cheerful and patient, all in an hour, and released back into society to be productive citizens. Whether they consent or not.

Would you support this bill as an alternative to long prison sentences or death? Explaining your answers turns me on.
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