Margie (AKA Murgator!!) (thedastardfunk) wrote in ask_me_anything,
Margie (AKA Murgator!!)

I've heard a few friends of mine mention that if I want to get into the culinary industry that the best way isn't through school but to just go get a job at a restaurant. One friend has even gone as far to say that school is a "waste". I have ZERO experience in this field so I'd surely start at the bottom of the ladder where my paychecks might not support me. I am hesitant to try and get a job in food service when I have a decent job now in a pharmacy that pays a liveable wage.

So, AMA, please offer me your stories and advice regarding food service industry jobs and/or culinary school education. Is school a "waste" or was my friend just stressing the fact that school isn't the only avenue to a job in that industry?

Also, if you've worked in a restaurant, will you share with me your stupid/rude customer stories? I love that shit.

ETA: Thanks for all the comments - You all have given me much to think about!
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